Benson could be helping the Ravens

Yet another high profile NFL star got in trouble this offseason, this time it was Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson. I will not go into the details of his arrest, but needless to say it looks like he will be suspended for at least a few games.

It just so happens that the Baltimore Ravens play the Bengals in week two of the regular season and it would be a huge break for the Ravens if Benson is suspended. Last season Benson gashed the Ravens for two touchdowns and over 230 yards rushing in two games.

Benson might have been one of the reasons the Ravens upgraded their defensive line in the draft. Missing Benson for a few games in the regular season could be a huge advantage to the Ravens.

If Benson is suspended the Ravens will be able to drop more men in coverage until the Bengals can prove they can still run the ball. This could be difficult considering that back up running backs Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard did not have a single touchdown last season.

This might be the third big break for Ravens because of bad player conduct on opposing teams. New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes, and Pittsburgh Steelers quarter back Ben Roethlisberger will both be suspended when the Ravens play them.

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4 Responses

  1. Terrible. I’ve been a Bengals fan since I was little. Now just when I think the Cincinnati Criminals are done getting into trouble, Benson does something like this. When will it end?

  2. It happens when you bring in a lot of castaways and stuff Dan, this is Benson’s 3rd run in with the law that is why i think he will be suspended. Vincent Jackson was just suspended 3 games, I expect something similar

  3. Pete Lorenz says:

    No suspension. Why? Because from the outset, it was fairly obvious he was more of a victim in the incident. He was antagonized and attacked first, and he swung back. Benson will be there early on, and he will make an impact.

  4. Yeah, I’m a little surprised usually repeat offenders get suspended just for the fact that their names were in the news.

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