BREAKING NEWS: Al Snow Acquires Ohio Valley Wrestling

OVW is under new ownership. Snow made the announcement at WrestleCon on a live Twitch update on the Impact Wrestling Twitch coverage of the convention.

Ohio Valley Wrestling, founded in 1997 and is a former territory to the WWE. OVW is a few months away from airing their 1,000th episode. OVW’s list of alumni speaks for itself. The likes of John Cena, Johnny Nitro/Morrison/Impact, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Shelton Benjamin and more.

For full updates and to watch al snow talk about purchasing OVW on Impact streaming on Twitch click This link.

Al Snow’s been involved with OVW in the past, and he’s worked as a trainer for many years. He’s been part the MTV Series of Tough Enough. Currently, Snow owns his own training school Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy.

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