2022 Orioles MLB Draft Recap

The Orioles concluded their selections of the 2022 MLB draft today after drafting 22 players in the draft. The birds drafted 20 college players and 2 high school players. Out of the 22 picks the Orioles selected 12 pitchers and 10 position players, although 3rd round pick Nolan McLean was a two way player at Oklahoma State. The following are the players selected, playing position, and school they played for. 

  • 1:1 Jackson Holliday SS Stillwater HS OK
  • CBA:33 Dylan Beavers OF California 
  • 2:42 Max Wagner 3B Clemson 
  • CBB:67 Jud Fabin OF Florida 
  • 3:81 Nolan McLean P Oklahoma State
  • 4:107 Silas Ardoin C Texas
  • 5:137 Trace Bright P Auburn
  • 6:167 Douglas Hodo III OF Texas
  • 7:197 Preston Johnson P Mississippi State
  • 8:227 Cameron Weston P Michigan 
  • 9:257 Adam Crampton SS Stanford 
  • 10:287 Wyatt Cheney P McLennan CC
  • 11:317 Zack Showalter P Wesley Chapel HS FL
  • 12:347 Bradley Brehmer P Indiana 
  • 13:377 Jared Beck P Saint Leo University
  • 14:407 Adam Retzbach C Lehigh U
  • 15:437 James Hicks Jr. P University of South Carolina 
  • 16:467 Graham Firoved P Virginia Tech 
  • 17:497 Carter Young SS Vanderbilt 
  • 18:527 Andrew Walters P Miami 
  • 19:557 Alden Mathes OF University of Richmond
  • 20:587 Reese Sharp P Indiana

Some feature notes on some of the players that were drafted by the Orioles:

  • Jackson Holliday is the son of former All-Star OF Matt Holliday and was named the high school player in Oklahoma after breaking the high school hit record with 89 in 41 games batting .685
  • Max Wagner is the ACC Player of the Year after he hit .369 with 27 homeruns and 76 runs batted in and was a defensive substitute at the beginning of the season
  • Jud Fabin was drafted by the Redsox last season but returned to Florida for his Junior season
  • Silas Ardoin’s dad Danny was a former MLB catcher and briefly played for the Baltimore Orioles
  • Trace Bright was on a Ben McDonald’s travel team when he was younger originally as a catcher because he was the only one on the team, but wanted to be a pitcher again and Ben put him back on the mound
  • Jared Beck is 7’0 if he reaches the MLB he will be the tallest pitcher in MLB history

My final thoughts on this year’s draft is that Elias and company did a great job of refilling the players in the farm system that will come up to the major league roster this and next year. There is a good amount of power bats and power arms that can make it to Baltimore in the next few years. The farm just got stronger with the new players added and the best farm system in baseball just got even better. 

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