WWE Monday Night Raw Recap

Roman Reigns Has a Tough Night

Reigns began the night by cutting an anti-Lashley promo, claiming his bad partnership was to blame for their defeat at the hands of The Revival. During the call out, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre interrupted, calling Reigns our for being selfish and a bad partner to Lashley. This led to a brawl, which prompted Seth Rollins to come out to assist Reigns, and eventually led Raw GM Kurt Angle to set up a tag team match between the four superstars, as long as Reigns agreed to a tag team match later in the night with Lashley against The Revival.

The tag match between Rollins/Reigns and Ziggler/McIntyre was a pay-per-view level of entertainment, but ultimately culminated in The Revival interrupting the match to cause a disqualification. Rollins fell victim to the finishing move of Ziggler and McIntyre, while Reigns took a finisher from The Revival.

Later in the night, ‘The Big Dog’ teamed with Lashley to take on The Revival, and it was clear he was not 100 percent. Despite this fact, he managed to put up a fight, but refused to tag in Lashley. The match ended when The Revival ignored the referees warning, resulting in another disqualification. Reigns took two more finishers, called the Shatter Machine, as Lashley walked to the locker room visibly frustrated with his tag team partners antics. This saga will finally come to a head when the two face off at Extreme Rules on July 15.

The B-Team Picks Up Another Moral Victory

Curtis Axel began his night with a match against Matt Hardy, one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions. The match went as expected, however Hardy was distracted by Bo Dallas, allowing Axel to hit his finisher and pick up another confidence building win. Bray Wyatt, the other half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, was not in the arena due to an injury sustained the weekend leading up to Raw.

Braun Strowman Continues His Feats of Strength

In what has probably been one of the most entertaining and comical feuds on Raw in quite some time, Kevin Owens once again found himself on the wrong side of the ‘Monster in the Bank’ once again. After having his car flipped the week before, KO was looking to avoid Strowman at all costs. However, Raw GM Kurt Angle would not allow him to escape his match against Strowman in the main event. KO predictably got himself counted out on purpose and fled to the backstage area, where he found a hiding spot in a portable toilet outside the arena. Strowman eventually found the hiding spot, which he then sealed up with duct tape and dragged to the stage entrance. He then launched KO and the portable toilet off the stage to end the show.

Nia Jax Earns Momentum Building Victory

Mickie James, who has been by the side of Alexa Bliss for a long time, stepped into the ring to face Nia Jax on Monday night. The match seemed to be a build on Nia’s character and strength as she and Bliss head into Extreme Rules, while it seemed like an attempt to cut down Alexa Bliss’s ego.

Authors of Pain Dominate Again

Following their run in with Titus Worldwide last week on Raw, AOP faced off against the team in a tag team match. The match continued as a build on the strength and power of AOP, as they completely dominated Titus Worldwide and still are not booked heading into Extreme Rules.

Sasha and Bayley Begin Counseling

In a segment similar to what the WWE Universe witnessed between Daniel Bryan and Kane in 2012 when the two were forced to become tag team partners. The bit seemed to set up either a big blow up next week heading into Extreme Rules, or an eventual reuniting of the two friends. It seems like the smart thing to do for this feud would be a No DQ match at Extreme Rules, but the WWE Universe will have to wait until Raw next Monday to find out the next step.

Finn Balor Fights Back

Baron Corbin and Finn Balor have been at odds for what seems like over a month, as the two have faced each other and were forced to team up last week on Raw. Corbin called for an apology, and Balor continued his fun at the expense of Corbin, joking about his hair and his vest. The two eventually came to blows, with Balor getting the best of Corbin. The two will likely meet in a match at Extreme Rules.

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