Wizards Get 8th Pick in the 2023 NBA Draft After the Draft Lottery Results were Revealed

The Washington Wizards were picked to draft 8th overall in this year’s NBA draft after the draft lottery results were revealed shortly before game one of the Western Conference Finals. The Wizards, who went 35-47 on the season, entered the draft lottery with a 6.7% chance at getting the first overall pick.

The first overall pick was won by the San Antonio Spurs, who will presumably draft the 7’4” freak-of-nature, Victor Wembanyama.

For Washington, it is another top-10 pick to try to fix a team that has consistently struggled to win. One of the biggest holes is the absence of a versatile point guard. While they do have Monte Morris, who was when it came to dishing out assists this past season, they lack a guard who can score at will and play great defense. There are many great prospects, but one that jumps out is Anthony Black out of Arkansas.

Black, who is listed at 6’7”, was rostered at Arkansas as a shooting guard, but saw a hefty amount of ball-carrying duties. While he didn’t average an eye-popping amount of points per game, he was part of a very well-rounded Arkansas team. What does stand out, though, was his 2.1 steals per game, showing that he is a guy who can get it done on both ends of the floor.

However, Washington isn’t limited to just Black. There are several other intriguing prospects, including DMV native, Jordan Hawkins out of reigning National Champions, UConn.

In the midst of all these choices, the best case scenario would be for 6’7” point guard, Amen Thompson to either fall into Washington’s lap at the eighth pick or for the front office to find a way to trade up without giving up too much.

Nonetheless, the Wizards have some time until they will be on the clock as the draft isn’t until June 22nd.

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