Wayne Rooney Out At D.C.

D.C. United are on the verge of missing the playoffs once again and are now in the search for a new manager. Even though they just shut out NYC on Oct. 7th, the club is sitting ninth overall in the Eastern Conference with only their goal differential (GD) and goals for (GF) keeping them from dropping even lower. Just last year, D.C. United was determined to perform better, after finished last overall in the MLS. They were looking for someone to help them on this journey and out of the shadows came Wayne Rooney. Unfortunately, Rooney was unable to fulfill those dreams and has been removed as manager of D.C. United.

            Rooney played for the D.C. United from 2018-19 before leaving to play and coach for Derby County in the Championship. He returned to D.C. in July 2022 to take over the managerial position, as the general consensus was that Rooney could save them. Rooney scored 23 goals for D.C. during his two seasons as a player, so it’s no wonder the club thought of him as a light at the end of the tunnel. His career over in England as captain of the national team only added creed to this idea.

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            D.C. United’s issues go beyond Rooney, however. Over the last few years, D.C. has gone through a constant rotation of managers and head office staff. This kind of instability can have an effect on the club, as seen in various soccer clubs in England. Clubs such as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs have struggled to maintain a consistent manager and suffered the consequences of it. Lately, these clubs that have muddled their way through are starting to look towards a more permanent solution rather than simply trying to scrape by for one more season. Man U has slowly fixing things under Erik Ten Hag and Tottenham is currently first in the Premier League under Ange Postecoglou. If D.C. United can follow that trend, they could find themselves on track to a playoff appearance soon.

            Looking forward, D.C. United needs to get their feet underneath them and create a managerial staff that they can depend on. They’ve shown that they can hold their own against some of the more formidable clubs in their conference, such as Philadelphia and Orlando City. They just need that one final piece to click into place.

            Wayne Rooney is expected to return to the Championship. Birmingham City is looking for a new manager and Rooney may be the big name they’re looking for. Whether or not it’s a role he can fill, however, is yet to be seen.

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