Washington Commanders Week 8 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week I breakdown the good and bad things the defense did last week. I also take a look at the failed fourth down conversion to start the 2nd half for the Commanders. Then I finish with the Heinicke interception and then his comeback.

The Bad From The Defense

Defense gives up another big run outside.

Can’t get burned like this against a backup QB.

Defense gives up an easy walk-in touchdown.

The Good From The Defense

Jon Allen blows this run up.

Commanders first forced fumble.

Commanders 2nd forced fumble.

Game changing goal line stand.


Terrible Play Call

You can’t call this three straight times in short yardage situations.

Heinicke INT

He can’t make this throw especially when he as the check down open.

The Good From The Offense

Commanders first touchdown of the game.

Heinicke avoids a sack and converts the 4th down.

Terry McLaurin!!!!!

Wrap Up

The Commander’s played well enough to beat the Colts last week, but this week they will need to play better against the Vikings if they want to win. The defense will need to step up again and force some turnovers. They will also need to contain the Vikings run attack and the secondary will need to limit Justin Jefferson. For the offense they will need to be more consistent and move the ball better. They will also need to run the ball better if they want a chance to beat the Vikings.

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