Washington Commanders Week 6 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week we break down the bad plays the defense had and showing all the missed tackles on big plays. I also breakdown the two takeaways the Commanders had on defense/special teams. Then on offense we take a look at some mistakes from missed throws to drops by Curtis Samuel. Then finally I breakdown the three goal line stands the defense had.

Terrible Defense

The defense had terrible tackling on this play.

Terrible coaching and coverage on this touchdown.

Missed tackles lead to a big run by Justin Fields.

Defense has only 10 players on the field after a timeout.

Mistakes from the Offense

Would be touchdown dropped by Curtis Samuel.

A better throw or blocking and this would’ve been a touchdown.

Takeaways by the Commanders

Obada uses his head to cause this interception.

This punt muff changed the game.

Goal line stops by the defense

Fields missed an easy touchdown throw.

Cole Holcomb makes a huge tackle on 4th down.

The final stop on 4th down!

Wrap up

The Commanders defense played sold last week, but they still gave up big plays and showed poor effort during the game. If they do that against the Packers this week Aaron Rodgers will make them pay. For the offense they will have a new quarterback in Taylor Heinicke Starting the next 4-6 weeks. This is because Carson Wentz will be out 4-6 weeks with a fractured finger. This offense should actually look better with Heinicke and I expect him to use his legs a lot. Also expect to see Terry McLaurin to be featured these next few weeks. I still don’t expect the Commanders to win this week, but they could make it interesting.

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