Washington Commanders Week 4 All-22 Film Breakdown

Once again we take a look at the pass blocking from the Commanders this week. Also why did they use tight ends to block Micah Parsons. I breakdown the interceptions Wentz threw this week. Then on defense I breakdown bad coverages by the secondary. And finally linebackers trying to cover wide outs.

Bad play from Trai Turner and why he got Benched

Trai Turner committing a false start penalty.

Trai Turner leaves a guy unblocked and gets benched.

Tight ends blocking edge rushers

This is Logan Thomas trying to block Parsons.

Later in the game the tight ends try to block a blitz and Demarcus Lawrence.

Linebackers having trouble in pass coverage

This is Holcomb having is back to the quarterback and losing Zeke in coverage.

Jamin Davis tries to cover Ceedee Lamb and allows him to get inside.

Holcomb gives up a touchdown because he is trying to cover Michael Gallup.

Terrible coverage and penalties from the Secondary

Commanders play a soft zone and allow Dallas plenty of room to make the catch.

A play the would’ve resulted in an interception doesn’t because of a hold that wasn’t needed.

Bobby McCain needs to stay in the middle of the field on this play!

The Commanders highest paid player on defense isn’t playing like it.

The bad from Carson Wentz

Wentz needs to look at Terry on this play and not Diggs side of the field.

Wentz first pick of the game was a Hail Mary and was right before half.

The 2nd pick Wentz threw was because he stared down the receiver and the defender read his eyes.

The Good

The only good from the game was a touchdown throw to Dotson and Wentz put it right in the bucket.

Wrap Up

It does get a little easier this week for the Commanders. They will not be facing a top defensive front this week when they play the Titans. This will allow Wentz to have more time in the pocket and make throws down field. Also the secondary of the titans isn’t that great. So hopefully Terry Mclaurin can have a big game on Sunday. I’m still not expecting the Commanders to win, but they should look better on offense this week and have more than 30 yards in the first quarter.

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