Washington Commanders Week 12 All-22 Film Breakdown

This week I breakdown the good and bad throws heinicke made. I also look at Brian Robinsons touchdown and another strong run he made Sunday. For the defense I breakdown some of the problems they had against the Falcons run attack. I also look at some good things the defensive line did throughout the game. Finally I wrap it up with the game ending interception.

The good from Heinicke

Heinicke sees the Falcons are playing man and gets it to Gibson in the flat.

Great corner route throw from Heinicke to John Bates.

The bad from Heinicke

Heinicke needs to throw this ball sooner.

Heinicke misses an open Terry McLaurin in the corner of the endzone.

Heinicke has two guys open in the flats, but instead throws into coverage in the middle of the field and gets intercepted.


Brian Robinson runs over guys on his way into the endzone.

B-Rob breaks tackles and carries guys on this 10 yard run.

Struggles from the defense

Jamin Davis needs to set the edge on this QB read option.

Daron Payne and Jon Allen get doubled and tripled teamed on this run.

Mayo loses the tight end which gave the Falcons an easy touchdown.

The good from the defense

The defensive line dominated on this next to last drive for the Falcons.

Daron Payne tips it up and Fuller picks it off to win the game for the Commanders.

Look Ahead

The Commanders ran the ball very well last week. I expect them to do the same against the Giants this week. Heinicke missed a lot of throws this game and if he can cleaned those up the offense will be so much better. For the defense they will need to play better this week against Saquon Barkley. I expect them to play better because the Giants Offensive line isn’t 100 percent. If the Commanders can shut down the Giants run game they should be able to control this game.

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