Washington Commanders, The Good, Bad, and The Lazy From The Last 72 hours

Wednesday morning the team formerly known as the Redskins announced their new name on national television. There was a lot of build-up heading into this day and while most of it was disappointing, there are some good things we got out of the reveal. Let’s look back at the last 72 hours.

Leading up to the reveal on Wednesday we were likely going to see leaks. I did not expect a helicopter from a local news station flying around FedEx to spoil the name. But overall I was not surprised there were leaks. We knew it was going to be Commanders for some time now but I’m sure Tuesday night was a disaster for Jason Wright.

Wednesday morning was the unveiling of the name on The Today Show on NBC. There were maybe two eight-minute segments around 8am and 9am. The small attention given to the name change isn’t the issue it is how it was announced.

Not that Doug Williams was the wrong guy to say it but it was incredibly anticlimactic. Doug didn’t seem like he wanted to be there and no one seemed that excited about it. Imagine how that made the fans feel.

While that unveiling was incredibly lazy, the video that was put together on YouTube was far from lazy. It was a great video of the team’s history and it was a great way to unveil the jerseys.

Commanders isn’t a great name and it’s not a bad name. It’s a very meh or vanilla name. I have no issue with the name. We all know if they win the name won’t matter.

We saw Dan Snyder speak for the first time in a long time and we were reminded why he needs to not speak in public.

What was good about this unveiling outside the stadium was the Redskins alum that came to support the name. We saw players such as Santana Moss, Doc Walker, Fred Smoot, Brian Mitchell, Jordan Reed and much more.

Now the jerseys overall are not bad. I like the black alternative, minus’s the W on the front of the helmet, and the all burgundy unis are clean. The white unis look very out of place and the colors on the numbers are not burgundy. It looks like something that was made up overnight.

Wednesday night the DC area was lit up in Commanders colors and alum rode around in burgundy and gold cars. That was the best thing they did Wednesday.

Thursday was less to do with the name and more about the ongoing investigation into the culture of the organization. We heard something from Jason Wright that might be news to Washington fans.

I’m sure I could talk to most fans and 10/10 would say the experience at FedEx is crap. This is a joke and some things never change.

Tonight there is a park and party at FedEx. Fans only have to pay five dollars for a parking spot and they will get free merch. Seems like a pretty fun night and a chance to get fans together.

We might not all agree on the name or the uniforms and it’s understandable. That all won’t matter if the team starts winning and if Dan is forced to sell. All the criticism these last few days will die down as we get used to calling them the Commanders.

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