Washington Commanders fire OC Scott Turner

After another disappointing year from the offense the Commanders have fired Scott Turner. During his three years as OC the Commanders were in the bottom half in offensive production. His play calling at times this year was terrible and in my opinion is what got him fired. If he ran the ball more against the Giants with Robinson and the Commanders win those games he would probably still be the OC. Also another problem is the offense only averaged 18.9 points per game. That ranks 24th in the NFL, which can not happen when the Commanders have so many good weapons.

Now who will be the next OC for the Commanders? I would like them to get a young coach from a good offensive staff. Thomas Brown from the Rams who is currently the Tight Ends coach could be a good fit. Another could be a former OC who is now the QB coach for the Bills Joe Brady. Most likely the Commanders will go with a more experienced option like a Mike Shula. The main reason I think they go with Shula is because he was the OC for Rivera in Carolina. He was the OC in Carolina from 2013 to 2017 and he has been a coach since 1988. Whoever Rivera decides to make the OC needs to get more out of the offense and get the Commanders in the top 15 in offensive production.

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