Towson Inks New Media Deal with Monumental

Towson Athletics announced today that they have agreed to a new broadcast deal with Monumental Sports (aka NBC Washington). The deal goes into immediate effect, with the network broadcasting football, volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball games. It marks the end of the dark days of Towson athletics as they are finally moving away from their partnership with FloSports.

Anyone who wanted to watch a Tigers game over the last few years knows just how bad FloSports was. The company would charge an absurd monthly rate to stream content that was no different than what they were when schools like Towson were doing free broadcasts on their own websites. Announcers were blatantly one-sided, camera work was shoddy at best, and the collective hole in our wallets continued to grow and grow.

So good riddance to you FloSports. Once the school inks a new deal for lacrosse broadcasts I’ll be totally free of a product devoid of quality and moving onto something that can only be better because you can’t get any lower than the bottom.

On a semi-related note: the teams in my life have finally gotten rid of Dan Snyder and now FloSports… Can the Angelos family be next, please?

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