Snyder Agrees to Preliminary Sell of Commanders

Dan Snyder has agreed in principal to sell the Washington Commanders to the Harris Group for $6 billion.

Let me say that again for those who are like me and never thought this day would come. Dan Snyder has agreed in principal to sell the Washington Commanders!

There’s a lot to unpack with the announcement of this sale. First, Washington fans, let us shout and rejoice as our 24 year nightmare is FINALLY over! Second, does this mean I’m going to allow myself to feel feelings about the Washington football franchise again? Do I even know how to do that? I’ve felt so dead inside for years that I don’t know if I know how to allow myself to feel again. Am I going to start watching games a lot closer? Will I actually be upset when they lose and elated when they win? There’s a whole new world of possibilities!

Third, and the most serious note, good for the people who have worked, or are currently working in that organization, that he’s gone. Snyder was, is and always will be a scumbag in my eyes. That feeling first came about in a football sense, but it elevated to an overall sense once I was old enough to comprehend just how bad it was to work for the man. Obviously, it’s not fair that he gets to walk about with six billion, but Snyder might be the only person I’m ok with giving that much money to just so he’ll go away. I hope he never enters a public role ever again for the sake of those who have had to deal with his *insert expletive here*.

So what happens from here? Snyder could still worm his way out of the sale since it’s a preliminary agreement, but I feel like the other 31 owners wouldn’t allow that to happen at this juncture. This is also a good time to remind everyone that nobody gets six billion dollars to buy a professional sports team by being a saint; this includes Josh Harris. I don’t know the details of how Harris made his money, but as long as he comes into Washington and takes a bulldozer to anything involving the old regime in order to create a better environment for everyone, I’ll be happy.

As for what happens on the field: it’s draft season baby! I can FINALLY focus on thinking about and enjoy what the Commies (please change that name, Josh) are going to do during the draft. I’m personally hoping that we focus on our offensive line and secondary. Give Howell a chance to run the team this year while you build the talent around him. If he doesn’t do well then we’ll have a better core (hopefully) that we can move another younger, inexpensive QB into.

I’m not sure how I feel about Ron Rivera remaining our coach. I feel like he’s a good man overall, and he was forced to deal with an impossible situation given all the Snyder drama. That said, he hasn’t done anything noteworthy yet and it’s time for that to happen. We have a fresh start with ownership and it’s time to start putting more wins on the board. In the end though….

DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! SNYDER IS GONE! The extra bonus for me is that the news came out on my birthday. Best. Present. Ever.

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