Should the Ravens Sign Cromartie?

The Baltimore Ravens suffered a big setback in the secondary this past Sunday, as shutdown corner Jimmy Smith tore his Achilles during the second quarter. The loss of Smith has had fans and “experts” wondering what will happen to the Ravens’ playoff hopes and how they will replace him.

To all you Ravens fans that were mad Ozzie and company drafted Marlon Humphrey over OJ Howard, this is the main reason why they did it. The loss of Smith last season is arguably the biggest reason the Ravens missed out on the playoffs last year. Now with Humphrey taking over his spot opposite Brandon Carr and the amount of depth the Ravens have, the worry that was there last year is all but gone. But there is one person interested in joining the fun.

Yes, former San Diego Charger, New York Jet, and current vasectomy defeater, Antonio Cromartie is calling out to the Ravens to sign him. A four time Pro Bowler and one time All Pro, Cromartie used to be one of the more dominant corners in the league. In his 10 year career, Cromartie has 31 interceptions including a career high 10 back in 2007.

The Ravens should not, and will not sign Cromartie because there is simply no need for him. Aside from the depth the Ravens have at corner, Cromartie is just not a decent corner anymore. There is a reason nobody has signed him so far this season. Yes he was dominant, then he was a formidable corner aside Darelle Revis in New York, now he’s just an average cornerback with a reality show.

Now I will admit, if this happened five years ago, I would be all over the Ravens signing him. The only good thing that would possibly come from signing Cromartie is having him teach the young corners and that jersey sales would skyrocket since all 14, yes 14, kids would buy a jersey.

With four games left this season, and hopefully a trip to the playoffs, going out and signing Cromartie is nowhere logistical at all. Yes, he might sign for the league minimum, but that is way too much money to throw at an average corner for a three game rental.

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