Redskins Fans…It’s Not as Bad as You Think!

2018 was another frustrating season for The Washington Redskins, finishing in 3rd place in The NFC East with a 7-9 record. Sound familiar? The Redskins finished in 3rd place in The NFC East in 2017 with a 7-9 record! They’ve finished 3rd in 3 consecutive seasons, earning no playoff births as a result. As The Old Ball Coach once said, “Not too good; not the worst but not too good!”

If you’re anything like me, you’re exhausted from all the post-season negativity floating around this organization. While I’m not naive enough to think it’s not merited, I don’t really know what to do about it. Not being a Redskins fan is simply not an option. I was part of the #FireBruceAllen social media campaign but then it dawned on me…why are we mad at Bruce Allen? Even if he’s the inept Executive he’s made out to be, his employer enables him to operate in that way. That employer is not going to change, so you can either decide to bail or stick with this team and look for reasons to be optimistic. Yes, I believe there are reasons!

The Future…

The players pictured above are absolute reasons to have hope! Despite the dysfunctional Front Office, The Redskins have been quite formidable in the last few drafts and they approach the 2019 Draft with 5 of their original picks and a possible 4 supplemental picks. If talent evaluators stay true to form, I’m excited to see the next crop of young players.

The Elephant in the Room…

Yes I know, we don’t have a Quarterback! To quote George Clooney in “O! Brother Where Art Thou?”, “We’re in a tight spot!” However, things can turn around quickly in The NFL. While the draft experts are saying this is a weak draft for QBs, I believe the time is now to draft a young QB to be The Redskins starter in Week 1, 2019! My preference is Drew Lock out of Missouri. To my eye, he looks like the prototypical NFL QB. However, I do not want The Redskins to move out of that 15th spot to take him. There’s a 50/50 chance he’ll be there at 15 but if he’s not, Daniel Jones may be and I’d be okay with him as well. Those are the only two QBs I’m interested in as a 1st round pick, unless Dwayne Haskins inexplicably falls to 15. That would be a shocker.

No, I’m not buying into the Kyler Murray hype. It appears that I am in a small minority of people who feel this way but I’m sticking to it. I also believe a selection of Will Grier, Ryan Finley, Clayton Thorson, Jarrett Stidham or Kyle Shurmer any sooner than the 3rd is a reach and would be a mistake.

Getting to the 3rd round with QBs still on the board is the perfect situation if The Redskins miss out on their guy in Round 1. This is where Brett Rypien, Easton Stick or Gardner Minshew would be a savvy selection, albeit not as likely to solve for that Day 1 starter position. A selection of one of these QBs means The Redskins should roll out a veteran on a short-term contract as a stopgap.

Only looking forward…

I understand you’re angry. I’m angry. Our owner is on his Yacht. Our Team President is nowhere to be found. Our coach is as vanilla as a Vegas stripper. We’re conducting interviews for positions that are still occupied. Our stadium is abysmal. Our players can’t stay healthy. Players are calling out coaches in the media. I get it. But as I stated earlier, I can’t quit The Redskins. I’m trying to take a contradictory approach versus all the naysayers. I’m going to think of all that stuff I just listed as noise. Regardless of all that noise, it still boils down to talent. The Redskins simply need to continue adding talent. With the nucleus already on the roster and a few more additions from the next few drafts and finally landing that Quarterback, The Redskins can win in spite of their circus Front Office and the only noise we’ll hear will be this passionate fan base once again!

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John Rhodes

I grew up in Frederick, MD, equidistant from Washington and Baltimore. My Dad grew up in Bethesda, so I was born into Burgundy & Gold diapers. But I was a baseball player and there was no baseball team in Washington, so we became an Orioles family. I lived through the glory years of both teams, so when people suggest I look for less frustrating teams to pull for, they don't understand it's in my blood! I'm forever committed, regardless of how hopeless it seems.

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