Opinion: The 2022-2023 Maryland Women’s Basketball defined the “LegUSy”

Flashback: March 25th, 2022. The 4th seeded Maryland Terrapins lost to Stanford in the sweet sixteen. An hour after the game, they posted a tweet “We’ll be back, I’ll be back, TRUST ME..” That was former Maryland Terrapins Angel Reese.

Eventually Ten days after the posted tweet, the stab in the heart. It started with Ashley Owusu and Taisiya Kozlova declaring for the transfer portal. Then the final stab, Angel Reese, Mimi Collins, and even Channise Lewis, entered the transfer portal. Many speculated, and even the writer of this article, of what was occurring at College Park.

Then, what felt like the old saying “kicking a man while they are down” an article from a well-respected sports media source was published in painting Coach Brenda Frese as the main reason for the transfers occurring, and downplaying the transfers. Which led to a couple of former terrapins that played for Brenda to take to social media twitter in partially in defense of the article, and even taking subtle jabs.

Unfortunately, the false narratives began with Coach Frese losing players such as Shakira Austin the year before transferred to Ole Miss. Even going back a few years ago. The point is the season was very weird to watch. Coach Frese stated she had a hard time having players buy in to the team. There was a different feel from the 2021 season, and 2022 season playing wise where from a fan perspective, and even a sports writer what Maryland team were we looking at?

Fast forward a couple of months later, after all the dust had settled and the smoke had cleared. Perseverance came knocking on the door. It started with Shyanne Sellers giving Maryland fans confidence about staying the course, and the team coming back strong. The retooling process began for the terps. Bringing in players such as Brinae Alexander, Allie Kubrek, Eliza Pinzan, and Abby Meyers, along with a solid freshman class. Coach Frese did not back down from the critics.

The 2022-2023 season started with high positivity and confidence for Maryland Terrapins. However, the outside critics counted Maryland Terrapins out. They projected Maryland to finish 4th in the conference.

It started with Brenda in the locker room with the players handling out books on the front with the title “#LegUSy” Coach Frese talked about “how do we want to define our legacy?” With a strong core that remained from the previous season, Diamond Miller, Shyanne Sellers, Lavender Briggs, and Faith Masonius even with a new group of freshmen such as Bri McDaniel, Mila Reynolds, Gia Cooke and Ava Scoilla, it was game on.

The first game of the season without Diamond Miller for three quarters stayed the course with the defending champions at the time South Carolina Gamecocks. As the season progressed, everything clicked for the terps. Yes, the team took a few licks, such as Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana, but every time Maryland got right back up. Wins against UConn, Iowa at home, and even a couple of buzzer beaters showed off the conference of the team. But one thing that stood out from the team silenced the critics.

The season ended with Maryland Terrapins losing in the elite eight., But with consecutive twenty-plus winning season and multiple milestones surpassed. This team defined the expectations and created the true #LegUSy of what is it to be a Maryland Terrapin. It starts with everyone being brought in from the coaching staff, players, etc. building a rapport with your players, and coaches are keys to success. When you come to Maryland, you are coming to win; you are coming to a great program.


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