One Sentence Super Wild Card Summaries

Super Wild Card weekend is upon us! We now know all the matchups, dates and times. Over the next week or so we’ll hear everyone in the national media break down and dissect each matchup to a point where it can feel like any team can truly win it all. I know that you, the readers, aren’t idiots though. Each game has it’s pros and cons and they can be easily boiled down to just one sentence. Here are the simple, sweet truths on how we should describe it each game going in chronological order.

Game 1: Seattle @ San Francisco: “It was fun while it lasted, Gino.”

Game 2: Los Angeles @ Jacksonville: Likely to be the most entertaining game of the weekend.

Game 3: Miami @ Buffalo: Hamlin continues to get healthy; Bills continue to roll

Game 4: New York @ Minnesota: Best time to take a bathroom break and let your family know you’re still alive.

Game 5: Baltimore @ Cincinnati: Only interesting if Lamar plays.

Games 6: Dallas @ Tampa Bay: Somehow worse than getting a root canal.

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