No. 8 Maryland on the road to tame Northwestern Wildcats

After a huge win against Ohio State, Maryland is on the road again this time to face the Northwestern Wildcats. A tough loss against Iowa, the Terrapins regrouped and beat the Ohio State Buckeyes by 36 points.

Now Maryland will 5 games left will look to finish strong before the Big Ten tournament.

The Keys to Victory!

  1. Maryland should treat this game as any other game

Maryland is facing a Northwestern team that 1-11 in the conference however, a rebuilding team that no longer has Veronica Burton. The team is 1-15 in power conference opponents. This northwestern team is 2nd in blocked shots behind Indiana so expect our perimeter shooting game to be huge. On the other side of the coin the Wildcats are dead last in scoring 65 points a game, shooting under 40% from the field, and just abysmal 30% three-point shooting.

2. Is this the game where we see the freshman play?

Coach Frese has said that the practices are where the freshman at best prove their trust for the terps, and we have seen just enough evidence of this, and I think it is time to start giving some trust to the freshman. This is a team that next year will look a lot different with key seniors gone after this season.

3. How will seeding affect Big Ten Tournament?

Maryland will five games left must strong to maintain their current seeding for the tournament. With just six teams left, and looking to getting some payback against Maryland, and facing Ohio State, this will define the #LegUSy for the Maryland Terrapins.


  1. Limit the fouls 10-15 fouls
  2. The Freshman need to play at max 12-15 minutes
  3. Brinae Alexander and Lavender Briggs will be the key off the bench

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