Navy Men’s Soccer Team First Loss of the 2023 season

The Navy Men’s soccer team suffered their first loss of the season on September 3rd, 2023. After keeping a two game winning streak so early in their season the Navy men’s soccer team has their first lose against Liberty University 2 to 1.  The loss also snapped an 11-game home undefeated streak.

Though the season started August 16th, they have been having a good run up until their most recent game against Liberty University.

David Jackson had the lone score for Navy with his third goal of the season.

Liberty was 3-0 where Navy was 2-0. After trying to break a 1 to 1 tie, in the second quarter Liberty University broke the tie by scoring another goal. 

When it came down to the final 12 minutes, unfortunately the boys could not tie the game. Which they then knew, Liberty would win the game. 

Their next game is on Friday, September 8 against Longwood. Let’s hope the Navy men’s soccer team can get their groove back and come out with a win. 

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