Monday Night RAW Review

This week we are gonna change some things around here at MSB. Instead of the typical recap, we will be breaking down this week’s addition of Monday Night RAW using a pass or fail system.

Opening Segment

RAW starts off with Roman Reigns making his way down to the ring. While he talks about still being the Universal Champion Reigns calls out Brock Lesnar for the attack on Reigns and Braun Strowman at Hell in a Cell. Instead of getting Lesnar to come to the ring Strowman comes out telling Reigns, Lesnar, and all the fans how much they suck. This promo was rather dull until Paul Heyman interrupted. Strowman had heard enough and chased Heyman to the back. Acting GM Baron Corbin then challenges Reigns for the Universal Title in the main event.

Overall this opening segment wasn’t the best and it seemed to set up a bland main event. As much as I like Heyman and his mic skills I have to give this a… FAIL

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre

The Lunatic Fringe wasted little time isolating the left leg of McIntyre and controlled the match until McIntyre threw Ambrose into the barricade. While Ambose concentrated on that left leg, McIntyre showed incredible athleticism throughout the match. In a high risk no reward move Ambrose misses a leap from the top rope to the outside hitting the barricade. Trying to make it back into the ring before the 10 count McIntyre connects with a devastating claymore to get the win.

Drew McIntyre is starting to truly fit into this roster after seemingly struggling after his main roster call up. Showing great improvement McIntyre told a great story and showed the fans that he is on his way to the Universal Title picture. PASS

Chad Gable vs Viktor

Displaying his amazing amateur wrestling skills Chad Gable starts off strong in this matchup. Viktor slows down his opponent in order to gain control of the pace. The amount of strength that Gable possesses is scary for a man his size. Using a roll through German suplex with a bridge to pin Viktor. Konnor attacks taking out both Gable and Bobby Roode.

As much as I enjoy watching Chad Gable I have to give this match a FAIL. In my opinion Gable is misused. If I were booking this I would have Gable in the Intercontinental Championship picture.

Undertaker Segment

I’m not gonna waste anyones time with this one… Undertaker drags on and on about how he is going to bury Triple H at the Super-Showdown. The highlight of the promo is that Taker is bringing his brother Kane with him in his corner. FAIL

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke uses her strength and agility to control the start of this match. Bayley starts to reverse moves with her speed and delivers a stiff knee to the head of Brooke. Hitting the Bayley to belly finisher she gets the 3 count victory and Sasha Banks joins her in the ring to celebrate with her.

Dana Brooke, like Chad Gable, is misused if you ask me. She has good strength and agility and has a different look than the rest of the women superstars. Even though this match was rather short I will give it a PASS.

Authors of Pain w/Drake Maverick vs Jobbers

I think the heading of this match sums this up well. AOP destroys the two jobbers.

AOP is everything the RAW tag division needs. Even though this wasn’t even a challenge I give this match a PASS.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

Still feeling the affects of the fall from the Hell in a Cell match on Sunday and falling through an announce table Rollins limped during most of this match. Missing the falcon arrow Ziggler attempts a roll up. After Rollins kicks out he connects with the black out.

Rollins and Ziggler always put on a show. I can easily give this match a PASS.

Ronda Rousey Open Challenge

Earlier Ronda said she was going to issue an open challenge to her RAW women’s championship. Answering her challenge was Natalya Neidhart, but we quickly find out that she was attacked by the Riot Squad. This leads to a 3 on 1 attack. Ruby Riot landed a perfect spear to Rousey. Coming to the aid of Rousey the Bella Twins come out and make the save.

This will set up a 6 woman tag match between the Riot Squad and Rousey w/ the Bella Twins. I can’t hate on this segment. I give this a PASS.

Elias vs Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley dominated most of this match, but I feel this match was set up to put Lio Rush over. As Rush was on commentary he called Kevin Owens a quitter which brought KO out from the back. Rush jumped and flipped all over the place avoiding KO and Elias.

I will give this segment a PASS only because Lio Rush comes out shining like a diamond after this.

Moon and Jax vs Alicia Fox and Mickie James

The majority of this match was one sided. Ember Moon was isolated for most of the match. That is until Moon was able to tag in Nia Jax and Jax could get the pinfall victory.

Jax got the biggest pop of the night with her return to action. Moon and Jax put on a good showing and kept the viewer interested. PASS

Roman Reigns vs Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin grew frustrated with Reigns constant offense and Corbin threw a chair into the face of Reigns. Winner by DQ is Reigns until Corbin restarted the match as no DQ. As Roman picked up a chair Braun Strowman makes his way down the ramp. In an attempt to win the match Corbin lands a deep six finsher. Avoiding the loss Reigns kicks out. With a little help from Rollins and Ambrose, Reigns lands a spear and retains the Universal Title.

This match was much more entertaining than anticipated. Although Corbin didn’t do much for the story here. However Strowman, Ziggler, McIntyre, Ambrose, and Rollins all helped build up the finish for Reigns. I give the main event a PASS.



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