Maryland v. Michigan Odds Make No Sense

Maryland gets it’s chance for revenge against Michigan tonight after getting their doors blown off by 35 up in Ann Arbor earlier this month. At the time of writing this, Maryland is currently favored by 1.5 points.

Wait, what?

How is it possible for Maryland to be the favorite when they were beaten down in embarrassing fashion? Do the oddsmakers not know that Hunter Dickinson lives to kill Maryland whenever he gets the opportunity? Do they not know that Dug McDaniel and Terrance Williams III are from the DMV area, and will likely want to ball out in front of friends and family? If someone were to ask me to make sense of this I would tell them there’s no point in trying to make insanity sensible.

The obvious play here is Michigan; not just on the spread, but moneyline as well. Granted, I refuse to bet against my teams so I will not be making this play, but I won’t be better on Maryland either; I’m no fool. If you’re like me, and don’t want to bet against the Terps, I would highly suggest taking the over at 141.5. Maryland does play better at home, but it just seems impossible for a team to get outclassed and pieced apart so easily that they could come back and win this one.

I smell a rat.

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