It looks like another long season for Commander fans

The Commanders lose 25-10 to the Cowboys today. It is the Commanders 3rd straight loss after winning week1. The D-line played really well today and contained the Cowboys run attack. The secondary and linebackers looked bad again though. William Jackson had a bad game with multiple penalties called against him. Jackson also gave up a touchdown to CeeDee Lamb where he had terrible coverage. Cole Holcomb was playing bad in zone coverage and had his back to the quarterback on a play. Then the rest of the secondary had a couple of costly penalties and breakdowns in coverages.

For the Offense Carson Wentz and the terrible O-line are not a match. Wentz holds onto the ball too long and when he gets pressured he is terrible. The O-line can’t block in pass protection against a simple 3 or 4 man rush. This leads to Wentz either getting sacked, throwing a pick, or throwing an inaccurate ball. If the Commanders continue to lose they will need to bench Wentz, so he doesn’t play 70 percent of the plays. Doing this will allow the Commanders to keep their second round pick and see what Sam Howell can do.


The run game looked good today and it’s the one thing this o-line is good at. The Commanders averaged 5.3 yards per carry today and Gibson averaged 3.8 per carry. The problem is you can’t run every down or have negative plays. Especially when you get a holding penalty or a grounding call because the o-line isn’t good. At this point when this team faces a good defensive front they will struggle. Thankfully next week they don’t have to go against Fletcher Cox or Micah Parsons.

Now when it came to throwing the ball Wentz looked bad. He missed players on simple out routes throughout the game. He threw two interceptions today one was right before half on a deep ball. The other was over the middle with 5 minutes to go in the game. Once again Wentz never looked comfortable today. He had sloppy foot work and was more worried about the pass rush than reading the defense. At this point I don’t think Wentz will be back in DC next season. And if I was the coach/gm I would bench him before the end of October, so we can keep the second round pick. Also I would like to see what Sam Howell has because it looks like we’ll be drafting high again this year in a good QB class.


The defensive line played the best it has all season. They only gave up 2.1 yards per carry today and made Copper Rush beat them. Unfortunately the Secondary didn’t do what it needed to. Once again they gave up big plays and committed a bunch of penalties. When the secondary did do something well like getting an interception another play would get a penalty and Cowboys drive would continue. This happened twice during the game and both would’ve given the Commanders good field position. And it’s another week where the Commanders can’t force a turnover.

Now for the linebackers I don’t know why we have them covering wide outs. Both Holcomb and Davis covered Lamb and got burnt when they did. Davis did have one play he covered pollard and covered him well, but it was against a running back. At this point I would like to see a safety try and play sub linebacker in passing situations because these linebackers aren’t great in coverage especially against wide outs.

Looking Ahead

The Commanders take on the Tennessee Titans next Sunday at FedexField at 1 PM on CBS. The Titans won today 24-17 over the Colts. The key next Sunday will be stopping Derrick Henry and doing what they did today to the Cowboys. On offense its figuring out how to move the ball with a bad O-line and protecting the ball. Right now the Titans are favored by 3 points and I would hammer the Titans right now.

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