Former Raven LeRon McClain pleads for NFL head injury help

Former Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs fullback LeRon McClain started a cry for help with head injuries via Twitter Saturday. McClain begged for someone to help address the
problem with head injuries in the NFL in his tweets.
“I have to get my head checked. Playing fullback since high school. Its takes too fucking much
to do anything. My brain is fucking tired…. @NFL i need some help with this shyt. Dark times
and its showing. Fucking help me please!! They dont care I had to get lawyers man!” McClain
McClain also tweeted multiple times about the NFL putting paperwork in front of players. While
he did not specify exactly what the paperwork entailed, his surrounding tweets hint at the NFL
trying to cover up head injuries and their impacts.
“Need help and but more paperwork…… Fuck man,” McClain said in another tweet.

reported Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed suffered a huge hit in the Redskins’ latest
preseason game.
McClain later tweeted about topics ranging from how the NFL would take more action if he were
a quarterback, needing to tell his own personal story and how the NFL providing help programs
don’t help in the long run.
The remainder of McClains tweets can be found on his twitter page at @LeRon_McClain33.
The Maryland Sports Blog will continue to update this story as new information surfaces.

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