“Elite” No. 2 Maryland advances to the elite 8 over No. 3 Notre Dame

What a beautiful day on Maryland Day! The No. 2 Maryland Terrapins advanced to the Elite 8 over the No. 3 Notre Dame 76-59.

Maryland has appeared in three Sweet 16s of the Tournament ending their run however, on March 25th, 2023, the story changed.

“Incredibly proud of this group, and you continue just to see the unselfishness, the journey it’s been all season.” Coach Frese stated in the post-game.

The Keys To Success!

It felt like a game of Chess

Notre Dame with Oilvia Miles or Dara Mabrey, the size at times in the first half really challenged the Terps. As Coach Frese said it best in post-game “I thought we started the game defensively, I thought we were really aggressive being able to force them into some turnovers. Then Notre Dame kind of settled in and had its way with us in that second quarter.”

The adjustments the terps made especially going to halftime down only one point sealed the victory for the Terps.

Bri Mcdaniel is not a freshman anymore

With the class of 2023 still in development, we still do not know what their true identity will look like due to not being given true opportunities. Bri Mcdaniel has been a sparkplug for the team and has earned the trust of the coaching staff. ” Bri came in and didn’t present like a freshman. She was really, really good” coach frese stated in the presser. Bri did the little things to get the terps

The Terps’ second-half performance won the game!

Again the Maryland Offense takes this team as far as it takes. In the second half, Diamond Miller and Shy Sellers picked the team.

“I know personally for me, obviously, and yes, definitely Shy, we started out very slow. It took us for real, for real the second half for us to pick it up. But at halftime, we just knew that it was 31-32, and after all that, we were only down one, gave us a lot of confidence that we needed to really execute the game plan in the second half.” Sellers and Miller stated in post presser.

Trust the Process

The Maryland Terrapins are going to the Elite 8 the last time that occurred was 2015, ” I’m just going to stay and trust the process. And I’m so happy I did because I don’t know what school I would have committed to, but would we be at the Elite 8 now? I don’t know. But here we are.” Miller stated in the presser. “This journey and you take it from a year ago and all the question marks coming in, losing 85 percent of your offense to now sitting in an Elite 8 and just the hard work behind the scenes with your staff and the players, the trust and the belief that started last off-season.

“I was reflecting on it today, just what I felt like a year ago and where we are today. So, yeah, this one is going to be one I’ll remember for a really long time.”

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