Aki Basho: Day 2 results, insight, and current standings

Ozeki Kirishima feeling a bit more improved after winning his 2nd bout. Takakeisho picks up a much-needed win. New Ozeki Hoshoryu upset in revenge match versus Hokutofuji.

Day 2 has concluded and Ozeki Kirishima now sits 6 from removing the dreaded kadoban status off of his Ozeki ranking and sits tied with many who have gone to 2-0. “It’s a load off of my mind but, alas, still a lot to work on,” said Kirishima with a hearty laugh, “Well, I know we’re not done yet.” Takakeisho is on the board with a win today against Nishikigi. Takakeisho is also kadoban this tournament. “That’s a load off of my mind, but still some work to do,” says Takakeisho.

Hoshoryu had to face off against the man who he won against in a playoff in July’s tournament in Hokutofuji. Hokutofuji would get his vengeance on the wrestler that defeated him and advance him to 2-0, dropping Hoshoryu to 1-1 through 2.

“Yeah, bad timing on my part,” said Hoshoryu, “I got crossed up and I know Hokutofuji was going to come after me. Not my best,”

Match GIF: Maegashira 1 East Hokutofuji (2-0) defeats Ozeki West 2 Hoshoryu (1-1)

Final Results from Day 2 and winning kimarite

Tsurugisho defeats Kagayaki
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Atamifuji defeats Daishoho
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Kotoshoho defeats Chiyoshoma
Winning Kimarite: Sukuinage (Beltless Arm Throw)

Nishikifuji defeats Myogiryu
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Sadanoumi defeats Aoiyama
Winning Kimarite: Okuridashi (Rear Push Out)

Mitakeumi defeats Takarafuji
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Hokuseiho defeats Endo
Winning Kimarite: Kimedashi (Arm barring force out)

Kinbozan defeats Kotoeko
Winning Kimarite: Tsukitaoshi (Frontal Force down)

Hiradoumi defeats Midorifuji
Winning Kimarite: Yorikiri (Frontal Force Out)

Onosho defeats Oho
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Takayasu defeats Ryuden
Winning Kimarite: Hikiotoshi (Hand Pull Down)

Shonnanoumi defeats Takanosho
Winning Kimarite: Sukuinage (Beltless Arm Throw)

Ura defeats Gonoyama
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Tobizaru defeats Tamawashi
Winning Kimarite: Hikkake (Arm-Grabbing Force Out)

Daieisho defeats Shodai
Winning Kimarite: Oshidashi (Frontal Push Out)

Asanoyama defeats Kotonowaka
Winning Kimarite: Uwatenage (Over arm throw)

Abi defeats Wakamotoharu
Winning Kimarite: Hikiotoshi (Hand Pull Down)

Kirishima defeats Meisei
Winning Kimarite: Oshitaoshi (Frontal Push Down)

Hokutofuji defeats Hoshoryu
Winning Kimarite: Hatakikomi (Slap down)

Takakeisho defeats Nishikigi
Winning Kimarite: Tsukiotoshi (Thrust Down)


Ozeki – Kirishima – 2-0
Maegashira 1 – Hokutofuji – 2-0
Maegashira 2 – Asanoyama – 2-0
Maegashira 6 – Onosho – 2-0
Maegashira 7 – Takayasu – 2-0
Maegashira 10 – Kinbozan – 2-0
Maegashira 11 – Mitakeumi – 2-0
Maegashira 12 – Sadanoumi – 2-0
Maegashira 15 – Atamifuji – 2-0
Ozeki – Hoshoryu – 1-1
Ozeki – Takakeisho – 1-1
Sekiwake – Daieisho – 1-1
Sekiwake – Kotonowaka – 1-1
Komusubi – Tobizaru – 1-1
Komusubi – Nishikigi – 1-1
Maegashira 1 – Meisei – 1-1
Maegashira 1 – Abi – 1-1
Maegashira 4 – Ura – 1-1
Maegashira 4 – Takanosho – 1-1
Maegashira 5 – Gonoyama – 1-1
Maegashira 5 – Shonannoumi – 1-1
Maegashira 8 – Kotoeko – 1-1
Maegashira 8 – Hiradoumi – 1-1
Maegashira 11 – Hokuseiho – 1-1
Maegashira 12 – Takarafuji- 1-1
Maegashira 13 – Myogiryu – 1-1
Maegashira 13 – Nishikifuji – 1-1
Maegashira 14 – Kotoshoho – 1-1
Maegashira 15 – Chiyoshoma – 1-1
Maegashira 16 – Kagayaki – 1-1
Maegashira 16 – Tsurugisho – 1-1
Sekiwake – Wakamotoharu – 0-2
Maegashira 3 – Shodai – 0-2
Maegashira 3 – Tamawashi – 0-2
Maegashira 6 – Ryuden – 0-2
Maegashira 7 – Oho – 0-2
Maegashira 9 – Midorifuji – 0-2
Maegashira 10 – Endo – 0-2
Maegashira 14 – Aoiyama – 0-2
Maegashira 17 – Daishoho – 0-2

After Day 2, 10 wrestlers have 2-0 marks with the lowest being Maegashira 15 Atamifuji who is trying to remain in Division 1. Surprisingly, Wakamotoharu is off to an 0-2 start and most surely will have to run the table and win the championship in order to be considered for Ozeki, but at this point, he may have to run the table to have an better chance next tourney.

injury watch; Kotoeko was looked at by officials after his loss to Kinbozan. There is no status update at this time for him.

Shonnanoumi, who is a very big baseball fan due to his strong family history in the sport, is keeping a close eye on the Baltimore Orioles as he and Shintaro Fujinami are actually close friends thanks to Shonnanoumi’s father.

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