Week four in the NFL and fantasy football is complete, how did the MSB league wrap up

Week four in the NFL is complete meaning your week four in Fantasy Football is complete. The NFL has made it’s way through a roller coaster ride of upsets and stars being born. The Maryland Sports Bloggers battled it out in five more match ups in their ten team half point ppr league. The expectations of craziness and trash talk has continued in the fantasy league. Here is how the fourth week ended on the score sheets, along with the week five schedule.

  • Matt Bachota (4-0) took down Alex Benda (2-2) this week in a close and low scoring affair 129.5-98. Matt, got a -9 out of the Vikings D this week as they were lit up by the Rams offense on Thursday night. Pat Mahomes led Bachota with 22.7 points, but it was first round draft choice Melvin Gordon who put up 30.9 points and the top points for the team. Alex had a huge points output by running back Saquan Barkley, but single digits from three quarters of the rest of Alex’s team caused Alex to stay out of triple digits for the first time this season.
  • Wes Hoffmaster (2-2) took down one of the three 3-0 teams going into the week Jeremy Train (3-1) by a score of 155.2-143.4.
  • David Edinger(0-4) took on Chris Cleveland (4-0) in a battle of teams going in polar opposite directions this season. Those directions continued as Chris stayed perfect, but so did David. Chris won 151.7-110.7 to improve to 4-0 and drop David to 0-4.
  •  The youngster Josh dropped to 1-3 while Chanan Rothenberg improved to 2-2.
  • Sam Smith (0-4) and Vasilios Nikolaou (2-2) went to battle, but Vas came out on top 140.6-113.6. Sam Smith’s team put up 113 points, but the 2-2 Vas would not be denied putting up 140 points.


Here’s a look at week fives schedule for the Maryland Sports Blog Fantasy Football League

Matt Bachota (4-0) takes on  Chris Cleveland (4-0) in a battle of the last two undefeated teams in the MSB league

Wes Hoffmaster (2-2) takes on Alex Benda (2-2)

David Edinger(0-3) takes on (2-2) Vasilios Nikolaou

Chanan Rothenberg (2-2) takes on Jeremy Train (3-1)

Sam Smith (0-4) takes on the youngster Josh Sager (1-3)


Teams at 4-0 = 2

Teams at 3-1 = 1

Teams at 2-2 = 4

Teams at 1-3 = 1

Teams at 0-4 = 2

BREAKING NEWS: The first trade in the MSB fantasy football league took place and it was a three team deal! Matt Bachota traded away James Conner and recived David Johnson from Vasilios. Then Vas turned Conner and Alshon Jeffrey into Sterling Shepard and Antonio Brown.

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