This Week In NXT 6th Edition: News and Recap

Welcome once again to This Week In NXT. The place where I discuss the hottest brand in wrestling each week. We got another very good show from the black and yellow brand. I don’t really have any NXT news to share with you all. So let’s get right into the recap.

Our first matchup of the night was between Mia Yim and Aliya who was accompanied by Vanessa Borne. Borne and Aliya had been talking a lot of smack about Yim in recent weeks. Now it was time to settle things in the ring. The match was ok. It could have been better but it served its purpose. Yim hit a nice dive thru the ropes to take out both ladies. Yim picks up the win with the Protect Ya Neck. After the match, Mia throws Borne right into the steps before she heads up the ramp.

Yim goes over to the announce table and calls out the NXT woman’s champion Shayna Baszler. She has something she wants and she is coming for the title. Yim says she gonna whip that ass. Strong words here from Mia. I have a good feeling at the next Takeover we will see this match take place. We shall see.

They showed some highlights from last weeks steel cage match between Io Shirai vs Shayna Baszler for the NXT woman’s title. Cathy Kelley is in William Regal's office to get an update on Candice LeRae. LeRae was shockingly attacked by Shirai after the match. It was crazy because LeRae was trying to help her. Regal was looking very dapper this week in a dark purple shirt. He says Candice is week to week. Shirai did some dastardly things to her. All of a sudden, The Forgotten Sons storm in. They are mad about how The Street Profits were able to just make a tag team title match last week without Regal’s permission. They did not feel it was fair.

They demand that Regal do his damn job and make it right. Regal says that they had their opportunity but they got disqualified. Now they must move to the back of the line. They storm out of Regal’s office saying he will regret this. Kelley ask does he have anyone in mind for the Street Profits to face? He says after chatting with the Street Profits, Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan are next in line to challenge for the titles. The match will take place on next weeks show. That should be a good match. It’s been a good week for the Street Profits. They appeared on Raw and were very entertaining. It was not an official call up but it was nice to see them. They capitalized on the moment for sure.

Next up was the highlight of the night for me. We get week 2 of the Adam Cole (Bay Bay) Championship Celebration tour. We pick up where we left off last week where Adam Cole is in the car on the phone with Roderick Strong. He is being dropped off at Gargano’s Resturant. Cole goes in to pick up some pizza’s he ordered. The guy at the counter name was Frank Gargano. I assume that is Johnny Gargano’s father. They really didn’t say but it was pretty obvious. When Frank goes to get the pizzas, Cole puts a picture of himself holding the title on the wall with the other pictures. Cole says that he loves the wall of fame on his way out the door. Frank goes over and sees the picture and takes it down.

Cole shows up next at a wrestling school Johnny Gargano had recently spoken at back in May. A lot of the guys training their lookup to Johnny. Cole tells them he gets it. Johnny is passionate. He’s been successful. Johnny told them they could be champion. He’s full of crap for that. The reason Cole brought in the pizzas was for the students to take them, go home, eat, sit on the couch and give up on wrestling. He even called out this guy Twan. Asked did he really think he could be champion? Twan said yes. Cole’s final words were for the students to quit school, get out of the city, and to find a new hero.

This was so well done. Whoever put this together deserves high praise. Cole was so cool and common throughout the whole thing. He never raised his voice. He didn’t cuss. He didn’t get violent. Cole got his message across loud and clear. I wanna see more of the celebration tour. This is nothing but pure gold.

Kushida was in action next. He was taking on a random jobber by the name of Jeff Parker. The match wasn’t bad. It was pretty much done to show off Kushida’s skill set. He is very good with a variety of different styles he can adapt to in his matches. I didn’t see him wrestle in Japan. What I’ve seen of him so far has been impressive. Kushida does pick up the win by submission. I look forward to what he does next.

Cathy Kelley is backstage with Tyler Breeze asking about his upcoming match with Roderick Strong. Breeze says he is thinking of the Undisputed Era. They talk about power and gold he mentions. Breeze said the show used to be NX Breeze before the Undisputed Era came around. This is true. Breeze along with many others helped change the landscape and usher in a new era in NXT.

We get another video package hyping up the return of Killian Dane. He’s still in a dark room watching a film like he was last week. He talked about how he had everything and it was taken from him. I’m sure that’s a reference to Sanity. The group he was in with Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young and Nikki Cross (who happens to be his wife). It’s very dark and creepy. I’m curious to see where this goes and what they ultimately decide to do with him. He has a lot of potential as a dominant big man.

The next match of the night is the 2nd match of the NXT Breakout Tournament. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs Cameron Grimes (Formally known as Trevor Lee in Impact Wrestling). Like last week, they showed a brief introduction of both wrestlers so we could learn a little more about them. Scott said how confident he was in his ability. We learned that Cameron was trained by the Hardy Boyz. Now I understand where his name is from. He’s from Cameron, North Carolina. It makes sense.

Now to the match. It wasn’t as good as the one last week between Joaquin Wilde and Angel Garza to me but it was still a solid effort by both. It started slow and picked up. Grimes was the dominant one early on. Scott got back on track with some solid offense. Grimes would go on to pick up the win with the double stomp to the chest. Grimes will take on Garza in the next round. Hopefully, they have a good match.

The EST of NXT Bianca Belair was in the house next. She took on Priscilla Zuniga. Belair didn’t seem impressed at all by her. Priscilla pushed Belair in the face. Belair’s earrings came off and the fight was one. We saw a whole different Belair in this match. She dominated the match. She was very aggressive. Belair showed off her strength too. She did a military press and did squats while she performing the move. Belair was toying with this poor girl. She picks up the easy win. What’s next for Belair? I don't see her in the title picture anytime soon. She needs to build-up momentum again. A feud with another veteran like the one she had with Mia Yim could really do her good.

They showed a video package of Matt Riddle working out in the gym. It was pretty simple. He talked a bit about making the transition to wrestling from MMA. He’s definitely grown on me. His character still needs a lot of work but his in-ring work is pretty solid. I hope he’s taking full advantages of the resources at the performance center. They will do him well.

Our main event of the night is between Tyler Breeze and Roderick Strong. This was a good match. Breeze took some pretty hard bumps on the stairs and on the barricade. We got a nice superplex after a back and forth exchange in the corner with these two. Bobby Fish and Kyle O Rielly tried to get involved towards the end of the match. Fish took a superkick from Breeze. Strong picks up the win with a backbreaker. He’s so good when it comes to those. The show ends with Fish, O Rielly, and Strong all on the stage enjoying the victory.

NXT does it again. They never disappoint. Happy Birthday to Adam Cole (Bay Bay). He turns 30 today. Welcome to the club. I’m hoping I’ll have some news to share with you guys next week from the world of NXT. I’ll see what I can find. Until next time, continue to support NXT and always remember to Shock The System. (Boom!)

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