Return of the Mox!

As you all know by now, Dean Ambrose is no longer with WWE. His contract expired and he did not resign. He had multiple final matches with his Shield brothers Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to close out his WWE career. The million dollar question is what is next for Ambrose? Some thought he may retire. Well, that’s not the case. We now have an answer.

Late Tuesday night a video was posted to his Twitter account. The video was very well produced. This was not the same Ambrose we saw in WWE. It was Jon Moxley. The gimmick he used before coming to WWE. It showed him escaping prison, working out, and training intensely. I guess the prison scene represents him being free from the walls of WWE. Well played.

I didn’t catch this until someone mentioned it to me. Toward the end of the video, we see Moxley walk by a picture of two dice in front of the Viper Room in West Hollywood, California. If you look closely one is on two and the other is on five. Now wrestling fans know that AEW’s Double or Nothing event is this month on the 25th. Could this mean we see Moxley show up at the event? It’s very possible.

I’m happy for Ambrose/Moxley. I wish we had of seen this version of him in WWE. If it had been the attitude era we probably would have. I’m excited about this change. Goodbye Dean Ambrose and hello Jon Moxley!

Chris Durham

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