Report: Jordy Nelson to visit Ravens among other teams. How likely is it he ends up in Baltimore?

Free-agent WR Jordy Nelson is scheduled to visit the Baltimore Ravens, according to Jason LaCanfora.

Nelson, who was released yesterday after spending 11 seasons with the Green Bay Packers is expected to make visits with the Raiders, Seahawks, Saints and the Ravens as the free agent market starts to heat up.

Baltimore after signing John Brown and Ryan Grant are obviously looking to rebuild their receiving core and an addition like Nelson would completely give the offense no excuses to not having a far more productive season as a unit. Nelson would bring much-needed speed and size along with his great level of experience and leadership to the Ravens.


Although it would be a dream come true for Ravens fans like myself, how likely is it that he ends up in Baltimore?

Not very likely.

It’s no secret that his value in this market is pretty high. Nelson currently has four teams he’s scheduled to visit with and I’m sure that there are a lot more suitors.

All three other teams he’s scheduled to visit with are much more attractive destinations than Baltimore for two reasons: money & quarterback.

Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Derek Carr.

All three other teams are led by better quarterbacks than Joe Flacco. No offense Joe.

All three quarterbacks are at least one-time pro bowlers. Joe Flacco is not.

All three quarterbacks have thrown for at least 30 touchdowns in a season. Joe Flacco has not.

All three quarterbacks have thrown less than 10 turnovers in a season. Joe Flacco has not.

I know some people are thinking “but Joe has won a Super Bowl!” Yes, yes he has. So have Wilson & Brees

If you were Jordy Nelson, wouldn’t you go to a team with a more accomplished and talented quarterback?

Another issue is money and man I hate to say it but the Ravens are broke. Jordy Nelson earned almost $12 million last year. Obviously, he won’t be offered that much because of his age and his recent injuries but he should still be in the range of at least $7 or $8 million. Looking at the Ravens cap space, they simply can not afford him. Baltimore has less space than Seattle & Oakland but a little over $2 million more than New Orleans.But that two million is less of a factor than it is playing with Drew Brees.

If the Ravens are going to be able to snag Nelson they have to find a way to restructure other contracts in order to make enough space for him to consider Baltimore a more appealing destination than Oakland, New Orleans, and Seattle.

I hate to be a pessimistic little Debbie downer but I’m just trying to help lower or rather contain expectations for fellow Ravens fans.

Nelson will be wrapping up a visit today with the Raiders, the commonality throughout the NFL free agency is that players tend to ink deals with the first teams they visit so maybe Oakland is the next destination but all we can do now is wait. Plus Oakland’s weather might be a much-needed change for Jordy after 11 years living in one of the coldest regions in the country.

So don’t be surprised if weather becomes a factor for Jordy. Although I say that sarcastically I’m scared I might’ve just written it into existence.

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