Redskins Report Card: 11/5/17

The Washington Redskins beat the Seahawks away in Seattle on Sunday 17-14. The win came as a big surprise, as the Redskins have been dealing with countless injuries to their defense and offensive line of late, and the Seahawks were undefeated at home until this week.

Quarterback: Week in and week out, Kirk Cousins is never the Redskins’ problem. Cousins was 21 for 31 with 247 yards. Even though he did not throw for a touchdown, he was efficient the whole game, and let Rob Kelley run in what could have been his touchdowns. Perhaps Cousins’ most impressive feat was proving skeptics wrong by proving he can be clutch late in games, leading the Redskins 70 yards in just 35 seconds for the game winning touchdown, ran in by Rob Kelley. Grade A

Running Backs: The Redskins’ duo of RBs once again put up a horrible yards per carry number this week (2.2). Part of this can be blamed on the offensive line, but not all of it. Rob Kelley had two one-yard TDs, but was more or less a non-factor other than that. Chris Thompson was less involved in the passing game than usual, with four catches for only eleven yards. Grade C+

Receivers: Once again, the Redskins were led in receptions and yards by a tight end. With no Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis stepped up for six receptions and 72 yards. While it is nice to have the TEs so involved, it would be nice to see a true WR1 develop on the Redskins. Jamison Crowder was out with injury, and Terrelle Pryor was yet again a non-factor (2 receptions for seventeen yards). To their credit, the Seahawks secondary is solid. Grade B-

Offensive Line: Not only can the RBs abysmal 2.2 YPC be partially blamed on the OL, Cousins was sacked six times for 54 yards lost, including a safety in the first quarter. While they are injured and/or inexperienced, it is difficult to get anything going offensively when being sacked that often. Grade D+

Defensive Line: The Seahawks running game had 5.3 yards per carry, and Russell Wilson was only sacked twice for eight yards lost. They are suffering from injury, but actually did an okay job rushing Wilson and forcing quick throws. Grade C+

Linebackers: In coverage, they were fine, and did an okay job of forcing Wilson to make quick throws. Grade B-

Secondary: The Redskins’ secondary, despite being injured beyond what we might have thought possible, did great. Russell Wilson has been red hot this season, but was held to two TDs, and was picked off twice. Grade A

Special Teams: Nick Rose was one for one on field goals, and two for two on extra points. There were no major special teams mishaps like there were last week. Grade B+

Coaching Staff: The Redskins’ game winning drive at the end of the game was drawn up beautifully, and the play calling was done well the whole game. Grade A-

Overall: It is great to celebrate an upset win, but it must be noted that Blair Walsh missed three field goals in the first half, all under 50 yards. If he had made two, or even one, this game would have been a different story. Nonetheless, a road win versus the Seahawks is as impressive as it is unexpected, especially considering injuries. Grade A


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David Miller

David is a sophomore at Emory University, and a lifetime D.C. sports fan.

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