Nationals fall to Astros 7-1 in Game 5 of World Series

The Washington Nationals fell to the Houston Astros in a 7-1 loss for Game 5 of the World Series. With the Astros leading 3-2, the Nationals risk either elimination or an extension to a Game 7 in Houston later this week. All things considered, Joe Ross performed well for a last-minute notice, with throwing five innings that ended in five hits, four runs, two walks, and one strikeout. The bullpen, for the most part, performed decently, and Daniel Hudson and Sean Doolittle finally pitched for the first time since Wednesday. The Nationals’ only run was a Juan Soto solo home run in the seventh inning, and other than that, Gerrit Cole and the Astros bullpen kept the Nats bats uncharacteristically quiet for the night. For many Nationals fans, it was both memorable and disappointing to see the World Series in Washington for the first time since 1933, as many had hoped the team would deliver a much more memorable and stronger performance.

Tomorrow night, Stephen Strasburg takes on Justin Verlander for a critical game that could either end with an Astros championship or a Game 7 to declare a winner once and for all.

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