Maryland’s Top Three Keys to Upset Ohio State


The Terps have their biggest test so far this season coming up on Saturday.  Maryland will go to #10 Ohio State in hopes to upset another top 25 team on the road.  If the Terrapins look to win, they must execute there keys to winning this ball game and pulling a massive upset.

  1. Max Bortenschlager must relax and take his time.  Bortenschlager looked good in his starting debut in the win at Minnesota.  Max went 18-26 for 154 yards and 2 TD’s.  He also threw zero interceptions as he threw 2 in the loss hosting UCF.  Bortenschlager was 15-26 in that game, throwing a TD after taking over for Kasim Hill who left with a torn ACL.  Max was rushed hard against a very aggressive and active UCF defense, and made some bad decisions at times.  Obviously nerves were to blame which is why that loss does not land on him.  What does go against (or hopefully for) Bortenschlager is how he reacts to the remaining games he plays, which looks to be the rest of the season if no injuries come into play.  Knock on wood.
  2. Get Ty Johnson going often and early.  Johnson has been a legitimate stud and top of the line back in the Big Ten this season.  Johnson brings a new look at Ohio State’s defense, as his play will dictate the flow of Maryland’s offense.  Johnson plays a big role in key number one.  If Johnson can establish the run game early, it will take a lot of pressure of Bortenschlager and help him relax at the helm.  Johnson has looked sharp this season and was a big upside in the upset at #23 Texas in the first game of the season.  Johnson rushed 12 times for 132 yards and a TD and really shocked the Texas run defense from the start.  He will have to do that again if Maryland has a chance in knocking off top 10 ranked OSU on Saturday.
  3. Find the hot hand.  In basketball, if someone hits a couple shots in a row, you get the ball to that guy.  Well if there is a hot hand for college football, DJ Moore is that guy.  Moore caught his 14th career TD, tying him for 4th all-time in touchdown receptions with Stefon Diggs.  Moore has caught a TD in each game for the Terrapins this season and will need to come up with one or two big ones in the game Saturday.  Odds are that Moore will be pressured heavily, doubled, hard man-to-man, which allows other guys to step up and make plays.  Moore will be Bortenschlager’s number one guy in the ball game though, as it has been all year.

Maryland has experience in taking down top ranked opponents on the road already this season.  This game is just a little bit different as any top 10 school is hard to beat.  The Terps have to follow my top 3 keys to upsetting the Buckeyes, and obviously excel in other ways as well.  If Maryland can execute and take down OSU, the Terps just may find themselves as a top 25 team.

Maryland at Ohio State, Saturday Oct. 7th.  Kickoff is set for 4pm.

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