Capitals vs Bruins, will the physicality of the first game continue?

The Washington Capitals continue their road trip with another game against the Boston Bruins. The first game was a physical matchup with great defense on both sides. The game was very well done on both sides, offensively and defensively. Lets take a look at some keys to winning this game.

First and foremost, continue to win the faceoff battle. If the Capitals can win the faceoffs then they control the puck and can push the tempo. This is important because if they control the tempo, then they can wear out the Bruins by keeping the puck in the offensive zone and limiting the line changes for the Bruins.

The second key is to keep the physical play up. If the Capitals can keep the Bruins on edge then they get to live rent free in their heads. This helps the Capitals keep the tempo that they wanna play at.

The third and final key is keeping the puck out of the defensive zone. If the Capitals can get good clears, and continue the defense that shut down attacks on Wednesday, then the Capitals have a great chance at winning this game.

The game is at 7 pm on NBC Sports Washington and can also be heard on 106.7 fm

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