Yesterday’s Heartbreak: Patriot League Women’s Basketball Championship

Looking at the season that the American University Eagles had, and the Navy Midshipmen, the championship game was really anyone’s game.

Comparing the team statistics, side by side, each team had their strengths and opportunities in different categories.  American made the most of their shots, with an over all .410 in FG, and .746 in FT. American had four games in OT this season, winning all four. Navy on the other hand, was strong defensively. Navy, on the season, had 244 more rebounds, 126 more steals, and 48 more blocks than American.

The championship game, on paper, looks a lot different than the outcome.

On paper, Navy was 15-39 FG, 4-19 3FG, 7-11 FT, 36 rebounds, 17 personal fouls, 18 turnovers, 7 blocks, and 12 steals.

American was 11-34 FG, 6-16 3FG, 18-21 FT, 38 rebounds, 11 personal fouls, 19 turnovers, 4 blocks, and 6 steals.

American won, 58-49.

The biggest take aways: Navy gave American free points from the personal fouls; American held Navy’s Taylor Dunham to 2-7 3FG; Navy scored 14 points off of American’s 19 turnovers.

Two years in a row, Navy has fallen short of the title. Perhaps the ladies will make it next year, and perhaps third time’s the charm?

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Bethany Redman

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