Yesterday Anthony Rendon was Tossed for Literally Just Tossing his Bat

First and foremost, if this reads more like a Barstool article than a piece of real news, that’s because it is difficult to write about this without sounding sarcastic. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Yesterday, in the fourth inning of the Nationals loss to the Mets, Anthony Rendon was ejected for tossing his bat after a called strike three. Don’t I sound like I’m being sarcastic? I’m not. That’s exactly what happened. He didn’t even say a word. Here’s the video.

After the game, Rendon was asked about his ejection and said “I don’t think my mouth even opened to chew gum.” His full reaction is below.

Anthony Rendon on his ejection

Anthony Rendon on ejection: "I don't think my mouth even opened to chew gum."Read more clubhouse reactions:

Posted by MASN Nationals on Saturday, April 7, 2018

Following Rendon’s ejection, manager Dave Martinez came out to argue and was promptly tossed. While Rendon discusses in length in the video has more to deal with how bad ball and strike calls can affect players more than the umpires that make them, another important point is that the Nationals were without their star infielder and manager for the latter five innings of a one run game yesterday. Those two ejections could have cost the Nationals a win.

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