WWE SmackDown Live Recap

WrestleMania is over but the surprises keep coming. On Raw as saw NXT call-ups, wrestlers making their return from injury, and even a retirement.

SmackDown Live followed Raw last night and it did not disappoint. From NXT call-ups, a title change, someone who has not wrestled on SmackDown Live for a few years. and even a new SmackDown Live General Manager! Let us take a look at the highlights from last nights SmackDown Live.

New SmackDown Live GM


On Raw Monday night, SmackDown Live  Commissioner Shane McMahon announced that Daniel Bryan is stepping down as The SmackDown General Manager. Who would his replacement be? Well, Shane McMahon announced on SmackDown Live that Paige will be the new SmackDown General Manager!

Paige kicked the show off with a bang making the main event match between champion AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan!!

NXT Call-Ups

The Iconic Duo Peyton Royce & Billie Kay

Last night, Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring and talked about beating Asuka’s streak.  All of sudden, THE ICONIC DUO’S MUSIC HITS!

The Iconic Duo essentially came to the ring and attacked Charlotte Flair. The Iconic Duo made a big impact on SmackDown Live. What happened next shocked everyone!

Ms Money In The Bank Carmella Cashes In

After The Iconic Duo attacked Charlotte Flair, Ms Money In The Bank Carmella bolted down to the ring with her MITB Briefcase! Carmella quickly grabbed a referee and got him in the ring. Once in the ring, Carmella gave the referee her briefcase to cash it in. The referee asked her serval times, “You want to cash in?”  Carmella, screeching “YES,” at the top of her lungs. Charlotte stood up, instantly took a superkick, 1-2-3, and the match was over. Your new SmackDown Women’s
Champion is Carmella.

Daniel Bryan Wrestle’s First Time on SmackDown Since 2016

Daniel Bryan wrestled on SmackDown Live for the first time since 2016! The new SmackDown GM Paige made the match between AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan. While we saw Daniel Bryan win the match, it wasn’t how we wanted to see him win. Watch the video above to see what we mean.

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