Wrong in so many ways

479px-Manny_Machado_8-10-2012First thing’s first: I love Manny Machado. He’s a top-rate player. He’s hits well. He runs well. His fielding rivals Brooks Robinson. I’m even trying to get him to meet my teenage daughter who says I can’t make that happen, even though we live in Florida.

But what he did was without excuse.  Some points:

1. I don’t give a rat’s fat, wet rear end if you’re getting pitched inside on every plate appearance. Flinging a hardwood bat at anyone is wrong.

2. I don’t care a whit about any “bad blood” between teams. Hurling a heavy object in someone’s direction runs the possibility of serious injury.

3. If your team is getting clobbered by a better opponent, you don’t take it out on an individual.


And while it’s true the ump should have tossed the pitcher before then, he was right to send Manny to the showers as well.

I’m a lifelong Orioles fan. Nothing will change that. But Manny should be suspeneded, or fined, or both — even after his softball interview apology. Disagree all you want (Twitter @ACHefty), but I stand by that.

Brian Hradsky

The owner of MSB, I created this website while in college and it has never died.

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    do you need a tissue too…??

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