WrestleMania 35, Where Memories Are Made And The Foundation For The Future Is Laid.

WrestleMania 35 is finally here. Hall of Fame inductions are behind us all be it with some stupid drama involving an Icon. NXT Takeover was an amazing event Friday night and that pushes Mania to try and out do the young rising stars. The stage is now set a plethora of matches are locked in and if you include the pre-show you are looking at 6 plus hours of pure pandemonium. Wrestling fans your dream has come true it’s Mania day and time for the Maniacs to hit the street of New York and get this party started.

WrestleMania has always been an amazing time of year for me and my family. Being in the biz at the indie level for so many years it was always a busy weekend with friends, family and fans. WrestleMania 17 I was in Houston with my wife in floor seats watching Triple H and the Undertaker try to murder each other. Shane McMahon was going coast to coast and Stone Cold was raising hell in and out of the ring. I had bought my wife a sexy new outfit and we were chilling near Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio. Mania parties were all over town and the fact I’m from H-Town access was easy when you always know somebody. Drinks were flowing steaks were on the grill and popular names in the biz were scattered about the room. This was WrestleMania not just an event not just a show an experience.

This year will be much calmer but the beer is on ice the mixed drinks will be flowing and we will have a ton of amazing food. The 65″ inch 4K and surround sound will be blasting and most importantly my family will all be watching together. You see in the “Storm” household like so many of you’re households it is always about more than just Mania. Trash talk, drinking games and arm chair bookers will be in full effect. Side bets and bold predictions will be flying. Wrestling T-shirts from Undertaker and HBK to AJ Styles and Becky lynch will be worn with pride. Laughter and love will set the tone family and friendship will bring it all home.

Mania always brings controversy and questions and this year is no different. Who will walk away as champ/champ when the Women take there historic main event home? Will Seth Rollins actually slay the Beast or is Lesnar destined to enter the UFC octagon with WWE gold around his waist? Kofi Kingston gets his shot after 11 years but can he capitalize on this opportunity? Old feuds will end and new ones will begin as the night follows it’s treacherous path. What about Cena and the Undertaker will they have any involvement? Kevin Owens and Elias have yet to had anything set in stone. Could my bold prediction of The New Day turning heel and turning on Kofi actually be a spoiler not a prediction? All our questions get answered tonight when the best in biz put Mania in their sights and look to entertain us on the grandest stage of them all.

WrestleMania is more than just an event treat it as such and have an amazing night making memories that you will never forget. Follow along with me on Twitter at @MSBFightClub as we will be posting and sharing insights into Mania ll night long.

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Damon Smith

I am the new writer for combat sports such as UFC, Bellator, Boxing and WWE here with MSB. I have been involved in pro wrestling on the Indie circuit for over 20 years as Devin Storm. Owner of Rampage All-Star Wrestling and talent manager and announcer for a few other promotions. An avid sports fan born and raised in Texas. I am married to my beautiful wife Jodi and have two sons Dustin and Dalton. Life long passion for Pro Wrestling and love MMA so getting this gig was amazing for me. You can expect not only WWE and UFC news but also some gems from other promotions in these two sports. So buckle up buttercup it's gonna be a wild ride. Follow me on twitter at @damonsmith34 and @MSBFightClub

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