Wizards Win NYE Snoozefest Against The Bulls: 114-110

This game was almost as dry as my NYE!  I didn’t tune in until mid-way through the 2nd and wasn’t sadistic enough to force myself to go back and watch the beginning.  The players looked like they would have preferred doing what the rest of us do late Sunday afternoons: nap or chill on the couch watching games.  The slow pace of this game was not helped by the soothing lullabyes played by the DJ.  He was the Wizards’ 6th man on the floor.  If they win the finals, they need to get this man a ring too.

Mirotic was the Bulls high with 21 points.  He seems to earnestly be playing to find his next team.  Wasn’t it last season they were saying he looked out of place?  Lost?  Maybe he’s decided to ‘find’ himself a ‘better’ place.

Kris Dunn and David Nwaba also made some key plays.  Not that the other Bulls weren’t working, just that no one really stood out, mostly due to the slow pace and low energy of both teams.  Bulls were winning the game, which was always within a few points, until late in the 4th period.

Bradley Beal had a crazy night, but it was like a creeper.  All of a sudden he had 39 points and I had to wonder if I’d mentally gapped out at some point in the game or fallen asleep with my eyes open.  I think I did.  He’s a deceptively good player because he just makes it all look soo easy.

John Wall had some nice passes.  Mike Scott showed out a little bit.  No one else really stood out due, again, to the slow easy back and forth of the game.  Basketball IS a team sport so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Next up: The Knicks at home on Wednesday.

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