Wizards win against Pacers

The Washington Wizards beat the Indiana Pacers last night 89-107 as the Wizards seem to be trying to slip into playoffs moving up to 22-29 and moving the Pacers down to 32-18.

This was a game where the Wizards held the lead for most of the game. Bradley Beal (SG) was the game leader for the Wizards with 25 points and 9/15 field goals while Thaddeus Young (PF) lead the Pacers with 13 points and 5/8 for field goals. Pulling down nine rebounds Sam Dekker (SF) led the Wizards in rebounds and Domantas Sabonis (PF) of the Pacers followed right behind him with eight rebounds. Beal also led the wizards in assist tying with Cory Joseph (PG) of the Pacers with six assist

Otto Porter JR went down in the third quarter with a sprained big toe. With Markieff Morris, John wall, and Dwight Howard already out this doesn’t help the Wizards at all. Porter JR sat out 10 games earlier in the season due to injury with his knee. Everyone is hoping he’s ready for the Bucks on Saturday.

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