Wizards Win 121-103 In The Lost Game

Stats:  Good shots were made, excellent passes created open and contested scoring opportunities(standard basketball vernacular).  ESPN told me that Bradley Beal scored 27 points and John Wall had 9 assists.

If it isn’t obvious, I didn’t watch the game. The game wasn’t on satellite, my T.V. decided it was no longer ‘smart’, and the live feeds were bad.  I don’t have NBA League Pass as I have a long standing boycott because of the geographical restrictions placed on games.  I hope the NBA changes this soon.  The trend is towards people viewing content online, you’d think these exceptions would be worked into their sponsorship and advertisement contracts.  I’ve said this for years now.  If the NBA utilizes my idea, I’d like to be credited!  There’s definitely a way there for all parties to win.  Perhaps with regional advertising being moved onto the online platform.  The bootleg and other feeds are littered with advertisements.  An advertisement for beer might be better than a porn advertisement popping up with a volume of 100 repeatedly over the course of the game.

Next up:  A game I did watch!  Wizards @ Grizzlies in Memphis last night.


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