Wizards Take on Jazz

The Washington Wizards will take on the Utah Jazz tonight in their efforts to keep moving closer to playoffs.

With Utah coming in 40-29, and Wizards coming in 30-40 the odds are against the Wizards but the Wizards have a spot they need to strive for playoffs.

Bradley Beal is a season leader for the Wizards averaging 26.2 points per game while Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz averages 23.6 points per game. Thomas bryant leads in rebounds this season averging 5.7 per game 4.3 of which being defensive and 1.4 being offensive while Rudy Gobert leads for the Jazz in rebounds averaging 12.9 per game with 9.1 being defensive and 3.9 being offensive.

Both teams will be looking to improve their playoff positions but the real question is which team will improve their position?

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