Wizards lose to Bulls 113-94

Insert egg pun here… jokes aside this might be the worst loss of the season. Against a team that was 25th from the arc, and tanking by the way, the Washington Wizards gave up 18 treys to the 26-51 Chicago Bulls. While the Wizards did manage to make it close in the second quarter with some solid bench play, but the game was lost halfway through the third quarter.


John Wall did not play: As expected, John would not be playing in back to back,s so we did not see him tonight. If you think him playing would have made a difference, your wrong. Also, Ian Mahinmi was a coach’s decisions, with Coach Brooks deciding to play Jason Smith instead.


Porter and Scott: Otto Porter and Mike Scott had solid nights, with 17 and 14 points respectively. Do not let Bradley Beal’s and Marcin Gortat’s numbers fool you, they did not play well. Across the board, there was a lack of energy and commitment.


Oubre continues to funk: Kelly Oubre has not been shooting well as of late. He went 2-8 yesterday and a dismal 2-14 tonight, and while sometimes he is the best defender on the court and can put up a few fantastic dunks, his shooting has suffered. If he can time getting his shooting back with the start of the playoffs, he can give the bench a much-needed boost.

What’s next: The Wizards and (42-34) go to the Houston Rockets (62-15) on Tuesday, for a matchup of John Walls new hairdo against the bearded MVP. Tipoff at 8:00 PM


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