Will We Ever Have an All Hollywood MLB Playoffs?

If you scrolled through Twitter during Tuesday night’s American League Wild Card game, you would have noticed one common theme. “Little Big League” GIFs. Which got me thinking… Would the Internet break if all five Baseball teams in these Hollywood movies made it to the playoffs?

My guess is yes. Here are the best scenes from each movie…

“Little Big League”

Billy Haywood’s Minnesota Twins really hit their stride in an unlikely season!

The Twins could have used Super Relief Man Jim Bowers Tuesday night against the New York Yankees.

“For Love of the Game”

This is my favorite Baseball movie of all time (“Field of Dreams” coming in a close second). This movie has it all. Billy Chapel (Kevin Costner) goes through the roller coaster of life and baseball during his last start as a big league pitcher. And Vin Scully is the cherry on top.

(Note: I got caught in “For Love of the Game” YouTube wormhole after writing this.) Clear the mechanism.

“Angels in the Outfield”

Absolutely STAR-STUDDED Cast. Filming this scene would have been pretty cool. In case you were wondering, Matthew McConaughey does other things in this movie than just wave his arms. He makes a diving catch in the middle innings and saves a run. It could happen.

“Rookie of the Year”

Vintage John Candy in this movie. RIP. Gary Busey plays a (somewhat) sane veteran pitcher. Might not be a better character in a Baseball movie than Brickma (Daniel Stern). #letthebigdogeat

“Major League II”

While “Major League” is the movie that started the whole thing, the best scene is in “Major League II”. Ricky Vaughn has just gone through an awful season and faces his arch nemesis, Jack Parkman. You can’t right a better story line than that. (Fun fact: “Major League II” was filmed at Oriole Park)

What a world we would live in if these teams made it to the playoffs. Here’s hoping!

Let me know your favorite or if I missed any on twitter @realMattDiehl!

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