Will JHU’S Impressive Form Continue Going Into The Weekend?

Since losing their first game of the year to Catholic University(61-54), the tide seems to have turned for the Johns Hopkins Women Basketball team with four consecutive victories at the Centennial conference. It started with a comprehensive (39-68) home win over Ursinus, followed by an away victory against Bryn Mawr (75-42). The next two victories came at the Goldfarb Gym against Haverford and Washington college (58-62) and (52-70) respectively.

This rich vein of form has been down to the players stepping up their game, most notably the likes of Sophia Way, Lexie Scholtz, Elise moore and Madison Mcgrath who have put in very impressive performances leading to those wins. Looking closely at the matches the blue jays have lost, they have always managed to finish the game strongly. Their poor start to games has been their weak point as seen in the last two matches they lost against Randolph Macon and Catholic.

In the last four games however, there has been a significant change in their start to the games in them showing a strong start which has led them to winning four in a row.

This weekend , the Blue Jays will be having an appointment against Muhlenberg at Allentown, PA. It is going to be a difficult game for the Blue Jays. Earlier in the season, the Blue Jays lost at Goldfarb Gym (69-64). To make it five straight wins will be a difficult task for Johns Hopkins Women Basketball team despite their good form.

The Muhlenberg women basketball team has played four games this year and have lost only one of those games against Gettysberg. In fact, that is the only game they have lost all season. Their current record stands at 14-1 (overall), .933(PCT) and are 9-1 in the conference. The Blue Jays on the other hand have a current record of 9-6 (overall), .600(PCT) and are 8-2 in the conference. From the statistics, Muhlenberg has a greater chance of winning, but you cannot rule out the chances of the Blue Jays especially with their current streak of four wins.

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