Will Colt McCoy be ready for the Redskins’ offseason workouts?

Washington Redskins quarterback, Colt McCoy, who suffered a season-ending injury to his leg just three weeks after Alex Smith broke his leg, is back in the news. We have not heard much about his status as of late, until now. NBC Sports Washington reported that Colt had another surgical procedure done to his leg recently. It was done for preventative maintenance reasons. He is still expected to be ready for the team’s offseason workouts. I am a bit skeptical about this news, especially after seeing Colt out in public for the first time since the injury.

McCoy served as the grand marshal for the Circuit of America Indy Race this past Sunday. He was on crutches during the event, which alarmed me along with many other Redskins fans. We were under the impression that he would not come back at the end of last season. I thought it was highly unlikely for him to return, especially with the Redskins out of the playoff picture and the severity of his injury.

This will be an interesting thing to keep an eye on moving forward. If Colt is not 100%, I would not rush him back. He needs to take as much time as possible to properly heal. That was one of the biggest issues with Robert Griffin III. He did not take the proper time to heal and came back to soon. I hope the Redskins do not make the same mistake with McCoy. I still believe Washington will take a quarterback in the draft next month. We shall see. I wish McCoy a speedy recovery.

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