Why The Ravens Will Make A Playoff Run

The Ravens defeated the Texans 23-16 on Monday Night Football in a game that was a very average performance for the Ravens. However, they showed characteristics of a team that knows how to win in any situation in the playoffs. 

They showed the ability to win ugly if they have too, which they will probably have to do with their struggling offense. The defense will show up we know that, the big question is the offense, which has been very bad this season. 

However, Joe Flacco will have to turn it on in the playoffs like Ravens fans are so used to seeing, Flacco has been one of the best Quarterbacks in the NFL when it comes to the playoffs. As of right now the Ravens would play the Titans in the first round who they can very easily beat and should have beaten a couple games ago. 

The next round would feature another matchup against the Steelers and that is a divisional game and anything can happen in that game. After that they would most likely play the Patriots and our defense has always played well against the Patriots. 

If they manage to beat the Patriots, the Ravens would play a team from the NFC and that would arguably be the hardest game considering the fact that the NFC is a lot better than the AFC this season. Having said all of that, the Ravens are going to be a hard team to beat in the playoffs.


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