What should we expect from Max Scherzer in Game 4?

When you think of Max Scherzer, the first thing you think of is dominance. In the past couple weeks, things haven’t gone as smoothly. On October 1st 2017, Max Scherzer left the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates with a tweaked hamstring.

According to the Nationals beat writer, Mark Zuckerman (via @MarkZuckerman), Max Scherzer has fully prepared himself to prevent any further injury to the hamstring.

The biggest thing to look for with Max Scherzer in Game 4 is his endurance. We know he is most likely not 110% healthy. If Max Scherzer is able to throw 100 pitches in Game 4, the Nationals have a high possibility to come out on top. Max Scherzer postseason stats consisted of (W/L) 4-4 , (ERA) 3.74 and (WHIP) 1.112.

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