Welcome Back January Joe

It can not be explained because there is no explanation. Is it the cold weather? Or maybe because he loves Christmas and the New Year? No matter what it is, something clicks for quarterback Joe Flacco come December and January football. He transforms into totally different player and performs much higher than he does during any other time of the season.


Flacco turned out arguably his best game of the year today, going 23/36, for 269 yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 105 quarterback rating, his best of the season in which he plays the entire game.

Is it a coincidence that Joe turned out his best performance of the season in the first game of December? That remains to be seen, but there is no denying that Joe and this offense took a huge step in the right direction in their race for the postseason. It is always said by many Ravens fans, “just let us get into the playoffs and see what Joe does.” If the Ravens can just get to the dance, anything can happen with Flacco under center. Joe has never made the playoffs and not win at least one game. With a 10-5 record it is hard to underestimate Joe and what he can do, no matter how he performed in the regular season.

Joe has been criticized countless times this season for his poor play and decision making. However, today I have not heard a peep out of anyone on Joe. Weird. If you are not going to hang with him for the bad times, than do not come around for the good times.

It was a beautiful sight to an early appearance from January Joe and I think he is going to stick around until at least February fourth. Go to Google and see what event falls on that date.

Isaiah Stumpf

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